13th International Conference named after A. F. Terpugov

IТММ – 2014

Anzhero-Sudzhensk (Russia), November 2014.

More information about it you can find at and at the Anzhero-Sudzhensk site.

Proceedings of the conference were published in Springer's ​Communications in Computer and Information Science Vol. 487.

We have feedback from the invited professors:


Professor Bong Dae Choi 

 I returned back to Korea safely with wonderful memories on warm hospitality of organizers and nice snowy scenery of Siberia land and etc.
 I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Nazarov and Prof. Gortsev and organizers for inviting me to present my research topics at ITMM-2014.
 Thank for arranging an English Prof. Rotterdamskaya at Anzhero-Sudzhensk Branch of Kemerovo State University to meet me at Novosobirsk airport 5 hours away from Conference site, and to buy a beautiful painting (now hang on wall in the living room) by local painter Medvedchikova Elena Nikolayevna in Anzhero-Sudzhensk with good price,and to shop presents for my family at open market and many others.
 I had good time meeting many famous mathematicsians, The most impressive one at presentation is very hot discussion with speaker and   old professors. Another one is that even old professors are still active academically.
 After conference on the last day, I had discussion on possible research topics with graduate students at Tomsk State University who are very good in English communication.
 I found that we may have many possibility to cooperate each other to produce more meaningful results on telecommunication applications of queueing theory.
 Finally I would like to congratulate to all member of committees ITMM 2014 successful.
 I hope that I may have a chance to visit Tomsk in the summer time. Please give my best regards to all partipants whom I met.

 Sincerely Yours
 Bong Dae Choi


Professor Krishnamoorthy 

 I was invited to give a Key Note Talk to the 13th ITMM 2014.
 On the 20th November 2014 early in the morning I landed at Tomsk airport without much of winter wear. It was extremely cold (-20 Celsius or even below) . However the reception I had at the Airport was really WARM--Professor Alexander Nicholovich came with fur coat and fur-cap for my use, on wearing which I felt quite comfortable. 
 The first day a local sight seeing was arranged. The next morning all participants were taken by bus to Anzhero-Sudzhensk for the formal academic programme. To me, being from a place where the temperature is in the range 24-36 degree Celsius, this bus journey was a great experience. The reception at the conference venue was also equally warm. 
 Academic content of the conference indeed of high level. The cultural and social aspects of the conference was also thoroughly enjoyable. 
 During the conference dinner, I spoke in great appreciation of the support Russia has been providing to India for the past several years. I am sure that the mutual support and collaboration will keep increasing and the bond between the two great nations will remain strong for ever.
 In short my visit to Siberia turned out to be AN EVER MEMORABLE GREAT EXPERIENCE.

 With my best wishes and warm regards to all of you,