Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in the
23th International Conference named after A. F. Terpugov

Venue: Karshi State University, Karshi, Uzbekistan.
Dates: October 20-26, 2024.
Form: online/offline.
Conference Organizers:
National Research Tomsk State University, Russia
Karshi State University, Uzbekistan
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russia
V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
Siberian Federal University, Russia
Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan
Shahrisabz State Pedagogical Institute, Uzbekistan.
Conference Objectives:
– to discuss the latest research and practical results on information and telecommunication technologies, mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence, digital economy and other important areas of scientific research and technical developments;
– to integrate scientific knowledge and practice;
– to define important advanced long-term directions of scientific research and practical developments;
– to enhance the role of higher educational institutions and scientific research organizations in establishing educational environment.

Working languages: Russian and English.  
Conference Web-sitehttp://itmmconf.ru/

Сonference agenda
ITMM in social networks:   

Topics of the conference:

  • Mathematical and computer modelling.
  • Mathematical teletraffic theory and queueing theory.
  • Applied probabilisticand statistical analysis.
  • Telecommunication systems.
  • Intelligent systems and robotics.
  • Information technologies and software engineering.

Within the framework of the conference, a competition of scientific works of students and young scientists is held (Young Scientists Camp).  The best reports will be awarded by diplomas.
Within the framework of the conference, an international symposium is held «MODERN STOCHASTIC MODELS & PROBLEMS OF ACTUARIAL MATHEMATICS MAMMOTH – 2024».

Conference papers

Proceedings of the Conference (short reports, up to 6 pages) will be published as a volume of papers. The articles of the collection will be included in the Russian citation database (RSCI). Proceedings must contain original results not published in other publications (the originality of papers is at least 75%). The Program Committee reserves the right to reject reports that do not correspond to the subject of the conference and the specified requirements. Please, use the template to prepare your paper.
  • CCIS-Logo.jpg The revised selected papers on Queueing Theory and its applications will be published as a separate volume of the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series Springer Verlag, which is included in the Scopus and Web of Science citation bases. The volume of a paper should be about 15 pages.
  • The revised selected papers will be published in Russian peer-reviewed journals:
    Tomsk State University Journal of Control and Computer Science
    Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics & Physics
    Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science
    Large-Scale Systems Control
    Control Sciences.

Requirements for papers are located on the websites of the relevant journals. The acceptance of papers for publication will be notified to the e-mail address specified during registration and on the website https://uconfy.com/.

Previous ITMM proceedings on SpringerLink 

Important dates

July 1, 2024 – registration and uploading short reports on https://uconfy.com/conf/19/.
July 15, 2024 – acceptance decision.
August 30, 2024 loading final files.
September 20, 2024  additional registration of conference participants (without publication).
October 20-26, 2024 Conference days.
Deadlines for uploading extended papers to the CCIS collection and Russian journals is November 1. The papers will be accepted for consideration based on the results of the authors' reports at the conference. 

Organization fee:

Online participation – 2 500 RUB per paper ($ 30).
Offline participation – 7 000 RUB per participant($ 80),
            for students – 3500 RUB per participant($ 40).
The organization fee includes: • the costs of information support of the conference (website support, information messages, conference program, online technologies), • preparation (reviewing, proofreading and editing) and release of conference materials, • promotion of publications in peer-reviewed databases, • certificates for full-time participants, diplomas for the winners of the competition works of young scientists (for participants under 35 years old), expenses for coffee breaks, etc. Payment of the registration fee is carried out after the organizers inform about the acceptance of the report using the sent details. Excursions and a banquet are for an additional fee (in cash).

Please, contact us if you plan to arrive in Uzbekistan to email itmmconf@gmail.com, we can help you with travel itinerary and accommodation.

International Program Committee 

Alexander Dudin (Belarus) – general chair
Anatoly Nazarov (Russia) co-chair 
Shavkat Ayupov (Uzbekistan) co-chair 
Svetlana Moiseeva (Russia) – co-chair
Azam Imomov (Uzbekistan)– co-chair 
Abdurahim Abdushukurov (Uzbekistan)
Abdulla Azamov (Uzbekistan)
Ivan Atencia (Spain)
Nikolay Borisov (Russia)
Vladimir Vishnevsky (Russia)
Anton Voitishek (Russia)
Konstantin Voytikov (Russia)
Yulia Gaydamaka (Russia)
Erol Gelenbe (Poland)
Rui Dinis (Portugal)
Dmitry Efrosinin (Austria)
Uygun Jamilov (Uzbekistan)
Alexander Zamyatin (Russia)
Amdjed Zraiqat (Jordan)
Andrey Zorin (Russia)
Bara Kim (Korea)
Che Soong Kim (Korea)
Udo Krieger (Germany)
Krishna Kumar (India)
Achyutha Krishnamoorthy (India)
Saidakhmat Lakaev (Uzbekistan)
 Quan-Lin Li (China)
Yury Malinkovsky (Belarus)
Natalia Markovich (Russia)
Agassi Melikov (Azerbaijan)
Sherzod Mirakhmedov (Uzbekistan)
Alexander Moiseev (TSU, Tomsk)
Evsey Morozov (Russia)
Rein Nobel (The Netherlands)
Hamzagha Orujov (Azerbaijan)
Michele Pagano (Italy)
Svetlana Paul (Russia)
Ekaterina Proydakova (Russia)
Omar Purtukhia (Georgia)
Gul'nara Raimova (Uzbekistan)
Jacques Resing (The Netherlands)
Svetlana Rozhkova (Russia)
Utkir Rozikov (IM, Uzbekistan)
Alexander Rumyantsev (Russia)
Vladimir Rykov (Russia)
Konstantin Samuylov (Russia)
Daria Semenova (Russia)
Ahmadzhan Soleev (Uzbekistan)
Sergey Suschenko (Russia)
Henk Tijms (The Netherlands)
Mais Farhadov (Russia)
Shakir Formanov (Uzbekistan)
Tuan Phung-Duc (Japan)
Gurami Tsitsiashvili (Russia)
Olimzhon Sharipov (Uzbekistan)
Stanislav Shidlovskiy (Russia)
Janos Sztrik (Hungary)
Shahzhahan Han (Australia)
Tareq Hamadneh (Jordan)
Yakubzhan Husanbaev (Uzbekistan)

Local Organizing Committee

Ekaterina Fedorova (TSU, Tomsk) – co-chair 
Azam Imomov (Karshi State University, Karshi) – co-chair  
Ivan Lapatin (TSU, Tomsk) – co-chair
Ilkhomjon Bekpulatov (KarSU, Uzbekistan)
Alexander Bulavchuk (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)
Elena Danilyuk (TSU, Tomsk)
Yana Izmaylova (TSU, Tomsk)
Irina Kochetkova (RUDN, Moscow)
Danil Korolev (TSU, Tomsk)
Vladimir Kulikov (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)
Andrey Larionov (ICS RAS, Moscow)
Olga Lizura (TSU, Tomsk)
Ekaterina Lisovskaya (TSU, Tomsk)
Alexander Moiseev (TSU, Tomsk)
Svetlana Moiseeva (TSU, Tomsk)
Anna Morozova (TSU, Tomsk)
Misliddin Murtazaev (KarSU, Uzbekistan)
Zuhriddin Nazarov (KarSU, Uzbekistan)
Ekaterina Nevenchenko (TSU, Tomsk)
Ekaterina Pankratova (ICS RAS, Moscow)
Svetlana Paul (TSU, Tomsk)
Vyacheslav Romanov (TSU, Tomsk)
Daria Semenova (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)
Eduard Sopin (RUDN, Moscow)
Alexander Soldatenko (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)
Dmitry Shashev (TSU, Tomsk)
Maria Shklennik (TSU, Tomsk)
Alexey Shkurkin (TSU, Tomsk)
Lyubov Zadiranova (TSU, Tomsk)
Andrey Zorine (UNN, Nizhni Novgorod)


Organizing committee contact information:

Contact: Ekaterina Fedorova
(TSU, itmmconf@gmail.com)
Phone: +7-952-801-93-94 

Contact: Svetlana Moiseeva
(TSU, itmmconf@gmail.com)
Phone: +7-952-899-64-27

Contact: Azam Imomov (Karshi State University, conf_mammoth@mail.ru)
Phone: +99893-421-95-83

Russian version of the Conference Web-site: http://itmmconf.tsu.ru.

Site administrator: itmmconf@gmail.com