15th International Conference named after A. F. Terpugov

IТММ – 2016

September 12–16, 2016
Conference Organizers:


Tomsk State University
Kemerovo State University
V.A. Trapeznikov Institute
of Control Sciences
of Russian Academy of Sciences
People's Friendship University of Russia
Anzhero-Sudzhensk Branch
of Kemerovo State University



We invite you to participate in the 15th International Conference named after A. F. Terpugov
659635, "Aya" Park-hotel, Nagornaya st. 1, Katun, Altay region, Russia.
Time of the conference: Sept. the 12th 2016 – Sept. the 16th 2016. Check-in date: Sept. the 12th 2016.
Travel arrangements and accommodation will be detailed in the second information letter.
Conference Organizers:
Tomsk State University;
Kemerovo State University;
Anzhero-Sudzhensk Branch of Kemerovo State University;
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia;
V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Conference Objectives:
– to discuss the latest research and hands-on results in the field of information technologies and mathematical modelling;
– to integrate scientific knowledge and practice;
– to define important advanced long-term directions of scientific research and practical developments;
– to enhance the role of higher educational institutions and scientific research organizations in establishing educational environment.
Conference Areas:
– mathematical modelling;
– applied probabilistic analysis;
– models and methods of queueing theory;
– telecommunication networks;
– optimization theory and operations research;
– computational technologies;
– discrete event systems;
– information technologies  and applications (in technology, natural sciences, economics, education, humanities, etc).
The scientific program of IТММ – 2016 includes:
– plenary sessions;
– parallel thematic sessions;
– panel discussions;
– roundtables.
The research paper contest among young scientists will be held during the conference.
Working languages of the conference are Russian and English.
Conference Web-site:
You may also find some information about the conference here:
Conference papers
The extended summaries of the accepted papers will be published in the conference book before the beginning of the conference. An extended summary should not exceed 6 pages and can be written in English or in Russian.
CCIS-Logo.jpg The revised selected papers (10-15 pages in English) will be published as a separate volume of the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) «Queueing Theory and Applications», Springer Verlag, which is included into Scopus, Web of Science and ISI Proceedings citation bases.

Participation conditions
To participate in the conference, please send the following to the organizing committee (e-mail:,,

  • conference application form until april the 15st 2016 ;
  • an electronic version of the extended summary for publication (up to 6 pages) prepared according to the text style requirements until april the 15st 2016;
  • (optional) an electronic version of the full paper in English for CCIS «Queueing Theory and Applications» publication (10-15 pages in English) prepared in LaTeX according to the Springer text style requirements until april the 15st 2016.

All the notifications will be sent to the e-mail address according to the submitted application form. The Program Committee retains the right to decline papers which are out of the scope of the conference and do not respect the style requirements and to make the decision on publishing the provided papers in CCIS. The paper acceptance for publication will be confirmed via email to the email address specified in the registration form.

International Program Committee
Alexander Dudin (Belarus) – general chair
Alexander Gortsev (Russia) – co-chair
Anatoly Nazarov (Russia) – co-chair
Rafael Yakupov (Russia) – co-chair

Ivan Atencia (Spain)
Srinivas Chakravarthy (USA)
Bong Dae Choi (Korea)
Tadeusz Czachórski (Poland)
Dmitry Efrosinin (Austria)
Mais Farhadov (Russia)
Erol Gelenbe (United Kingdom)
Al-Begain Khalid (United Kingdom)
Che Soong Kim (Korea)
Yevgeny Koucheryavy (Finland)
Achyutha Krishnamurthy (India)
Udo Krieger (Germany)
Mikhail Lugachev (Russia)
Yury Malinkovsky (Belarus)
Gennady Medvedev (Belarus)
Quan-Lin Li (China)
Agassi Melikov (Azerbaijan)
Rein Nobel (Netherlands)
Enzo Orsingher (Italy)
Michele Pagano (Italy)
Konstantin Samuylov (Russia)
Janos Sztrik (Hungary)
Henk Tijms (Netherlands)
Oleg Tikhonenko (Poland)
Ivan Tsitovich (Russia)
Vladimir Vishnevsky (Russia)
Nina Yevtushenko (Russia)
Organizing Committee


Elena Daniliuk (TSU, Tomsk)
Irina Garayshina (MIPT, Moscow)
Yulia Gaydamaka (MIPT, Moscow)
Elena Glukhova (SRI FRCEC, Moscow)
Alexander Gudov (KemSU, Kemerovo)
Rostislav Ivanovskiy (SPbSTU, Saint Petersburg)
Victor Ivnitsky (MIIT, Moscow)
Tatiana Kabanova (TSU, Tomsk)
Yuri Kostyuk (TSU, Tomsk)
Klimenty Livshits (TSU, Tomsk)
Mikhail Matalytsky (GrSU, Grodno)
Alexander Moiseev (TSU, Tomsk)
Svetlana Moiseeva (TSU, Tomsk)
Yuliya Naumkina (ASB KemSU, Anzhero-Sudzhensk)
Svetlana Paul (TSU, Tomsk)
Svetlana Rozhkova (TPU, Tomsk)
Vladimir Rykov (Gubkin RSU of Oil and Gas, Moscow)
Daria Semionova (SPU, Krasnoyarsk)
Alexey Shkurkin (ASB KemSU, Anzhero-Sudzhensk)
Igor Shmyrin (TSU, Tomsk)
Sergei Suschenko (TSU, Tomsk)
Gurami Tsitsiashvili (FEFU, Vladivostok)
Konstantin Voytikov (ASB KemSU, Anzhero-Sudzhensk)
Oleg Zmeev (TSU, Tomsk)
Andrey Zorin (NNSU, Nizhny Novgorod)
Vladimir Zadorozhny (OSTU, Omsk)


Organizing committee contact information:

Address:634050, Faculty of applied mathematics and cybernetics, Tomsk state university, Lenina av. 36, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7-3822-529-599.
Address: 652470, Kemerovo state university branch in Andzhero-Sudzhensk, Lenina av. 8, Andzhero-Sudzhensk, Russia.
Phone:+7-38453-628-92, Fax: +7-38453-618-79.
 Alexander Gortsev, Elena Daniliuk (TSU,
Yuliya Naumkina (ASB KemSU,

Site administrator:

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