ITMM 2018


17th International Conference named after A. F. Terpugov


Dates: September 10-15, 2018.
Venue: Tomsk State University, 634050, Lenina ave. 36, Tomsk, Russian Federation
Conference Organizers:
Tomsk State University
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

Картинки по запросу рффи Suppurted by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), project 18-07-20048.
The Conference was held in conjuction with 12th International Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics (WRQ 2018). For more information look at WRQ homepage.

The Conference also includes School for young scientists with lectures of leading specialists and scientists in information technologies and mathematical modeling.
Working languages: Russian and English.
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CCIS-Logo.jpg The revised selected papers on Queueing Theory and its applications are published as a separate volume of the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series Springer Verlag. See the link

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A feedback from participants:

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Professor Velika Dragieva,

 I had the opportunity to attend ITMM twice. First time was in 2015, when the conference took place both at Tomsk and at Anzhero-Sudzhensk, at the end of November. Second time was this year, when the conference was held in Tomsk, jointly with the 12-th Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Models (WRQ’2018), at the middle of September. It was a great pleasure for me to see that Siberia is beautiful every season and that Siberian people are always hospitable. I am very grateful to all colleagues who took the time to meet me and send me to the airport – both Svetlanas, Tatiana, Alexander. Thank you very much, it was a great help, especially when arriving, after the long flights. I am grateful to the organizers of both conferences for their help with accommodation, it was very comfortable and convenient. Many thanks to Olga, who took care for all of us, accommodated in “Parus”!
 Scientific program in both conferences was very interesting for me. Especially in the conference this year when there was a number of talks on finite source retrial queues, presented by  prof. Nazarov, prof. Sztrik and their coauthors.
 In both conferences we had wonderful excursions in vicinity of Tomsk,  accompanied by exciting demonstrations of the Russian traditions, history and culture. It was really unforgettable. During the conference dinner we enjoyed not only communicating with each other but also the wonderful Russian songs performed  under the guitar accompaniment by Elena in Anzhero-Sudzhensk and by Anton in Tomsk. All those who knew the songs join the performance.
 Dear colleagues and friends, I wish you many successful ITMM conferences in the future and hope to have the opportunity to attend some of them!
 With my best regards,
 Velika Dragieva 


Professor Janos Sztrik,

 I was was happy to visit your Conference and Tomsk. I got what I expected, warm welcome, good organization and helpful colleagues. I met old friends and got acquainted with new ones, especially talented your researchers. Tomsk is beautiful, I would like to see it in winter time, too.
 Congratulations to the Organizers again, and I do my best to take part in the following ITMM Conferences. 

 Best regards, 

International Program Committee 

Alexander Dudin (Belarus) – general chair
Anatoly Nazarov (Russia) – co-chair

Khalid Al-Begain (United Kingdom)
Ivan Atencia (Spain)
Pedro Cabral (Portugal)
Pau Fonseca i Casas (Spain)
Srinivas Chakravarthy (USA)
Bong Dae Choi (Korea)
Tadeusz Czachorski (Poland)
Rui Dinis (Portugal)
Dmitry Efrosinin (Austria)
Mais Farhadov (Russia)
Yulia Gaydamaka (Russia)
Erol Gelenbe (United Kingdom)
Alexander Gortsev (Russia)
Viktor Ivnitskii (Russia)
Che Soong Kim (Korea)
Alexander Kirpichnikov  (Russia) 
Udo Krieger (Germany)
Achyutha Krishnamoorthy (India)
Quan-Lin Li (China)
Yury Malinkovsky (Belarus)
Gennady Medvedev (Belarus)
Agassi Melikov (Azerbaijan)
Alexander Moiseev (Russia)
Svetlana Moiseeva (Russia)
Paulo Montezuma-Carvalho (Portugal)
Rein Nobel (The Netherlands)
Michele Pagano (Italy)
Thomas B. Preußer (Germany)
Vladimir Rykov (Russia)
Konstantin Samuylov (Russia)
Sergey Suschenko (Russia)
Daniel Stamate (United Kingdom)
Janos Sztrik (Hungary)
Henk Tijms (The Netherlands)
Oleg Tikhonenko (Poland)
Gurami Tsitsiashvili (Russia)
Vladimir Vishnevsky (Russia)
Organizing Committee
Alexander Moiseev (TSU, Tomsk) – general chair
Svetlana Moiseeva (TSU, Tomsk) – co-chair
Anton Voitishek (ICMMG SB RAS, Novosibirsk) – co-chair
Alexander Zamyatin (TSU, Tomsk) – co-chair
Valentina Broner (TSU, Tomsk)
Viktor Bukreev (TPU, Tomsk)
Ekaterina Fedorova (TSU, Tomsk)
Rustem Gainullin (KNRTU, Kazan)
Yana Izmaylova (TSU, Tomsk)
Ekaterina Lisovskaya (TSU, Tomsk)
Mikhail Matalytski (GrSU, Grodno, Belarus)
Svetlana Paul (TSU, Tomsk)
Svetlana Rozhkova (TPU, Tomsk)
Daria Semenova (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)
Maria Shklennik (TSU, Tomsk)
Alexey Shkurkin (TSU, Tomsk)
Igor Shmyrin (TSU, Tomsk)
Eduard Sopin (RUDN, Moscow)
Konstantin Voytikov (MIPT, Moscow)
Vladimir Zadorozhny (OSTU, Omsk)
Zhanna Zenkova (TSU, Tomsk)
Andrey Zorin (NNSU, Nizhny Novgorod)


Organizing committee contact information:

Contact: Alexander Moiseev
Phone: +7-952-899-64-27
Address: Tomsk State University, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 634050, Lenina ave. 36, Tomsk, Russian Federation

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